Ideas for food which will blow your guests’ minds

If you’re anything like the majority of us, you have a handful – or perhaps a couple of handfuls – of recipes that you can rustle up satisfactorily to guests whenever you host people at your house.

Ideas for community groups you could set up

Often, when people move to a new town, they look for local organizations and groups to get involved in, partly in order to pursue their interests, and partly to meet people and learn about the local community

How to get along when you’re new in town

It’s a fact of life that in developed countries, very few people live their whole lives in one town. Your parents’ jobs, going to school, your first job, joining the military, changing jobs, getting married, finding a

Is the Type of Tooth Paste That You Use Healthy for Your Teeth?

There are several stages between a healthy set of teeth and a not-so-healthy set of teeth. Each of these stages may require a different type of toothpaste for that specific individual. When standing in the isle of

DIY Projects as a Single Woman

As a single woman and a homeowner, it is necessary for me to do minor home repairs. I wouldn’t be able to build a new deck from scratch or pull up the tree stumps in my backyard,

Why Melt Water Tastes Different [Guest Post]

Meltwater is the water obtained by allowing ice to come back to room temperature by keeping it out in the open. The water than melts and gets collected is called “Meltwater”. We conducted an experiment where we

Espresso Coffee; True or False It’s complicated!

There are certain facts regarding coffee and there are myths, here we will sort out some of the true facts about espresso coffee and espresso coffee machines and some of the myths as well.  It’s complicated! Let’s

Beauty Tips: How to Keep a Youthful Look

Are you striving to look as young as possible? Let’s face it, we’re all looking to do that at one point or another, because age is impossible to avoid. Age is only a number, but the effect

4 Critical Things to Consider When Buying a Mattress

There are several factors that affect a good night’s sleep. These include stress level, comfort and room temperature. However, for you to get it right, it is important that you start with the basics. Your journey to

Carbon Monoxide Detectors Can Protect Your Home

Carbon Monoxide, or CO can only be detected with the help of technology; since CO does not smell or taste, we cannot rely on our senses because in this case they offer no protection. The higher the