5 Tips to Make Your Pets Comfortable at a New Home

Pets — whether they’re dogs, cats, or hamsters — are adorable. And owning one (or many) can be an exciting adventure.

Sadly, it doesn’t start out the same way for all pet parents — especially the new ones. Sometimes, bringing pets to a new place and introducing it to them as their new home can be challenging.

Are you one of these troubled pet parents?

If so, here are some tips to help you out.

1 – Clean the Surroundings

Firstly, do some cleaning. While he can’t say anything, your new pet may actually want a clean surrounding.

If you have a lot of junk lying around, it’s time to ditch these things. De-clutter and maybe mop the place.

This eliminates the germs in your home, too.

On a related note, be careful when using cleaners, air fresheners, and deodorizers because most pets are hypersensitive to smells. For all you know, they may be allergic to your cleaning agents.

Make sure you’ll be using pet-friendly products.

2 – Let Other Pets Express Welcome

The next tip is to introduce the new pet to your current pets. Let them sniff him all they want.

A few minutes can be all the time it takes for them to get used to a new companion.

Then again, this would only be the case if the new pet is still a baby. A baby pet is innocent and couldn’t care less about establishing dominance, which is a big deal to adult pets.

The situation tends to be more challenging if you’ll be bringing home an adult pet. If they would see this, other pets might feel as if their dominance (in your home) is being threatened. At the sight of an “old” dog, your other pets might show aggression and act out.

Luckily, there’s a solution: just wait a little longer for both sides to get used to each other.

3 – Buy High-Quality Pet Products

Buying stuff for your new pet can help him settle down comfortably in a new home.

For example, you bought your new dog an edible dog bone. It’s good because he can play with it for hours. A bonus of an edible dog bone is that it helps in cleaning his teeth.

Other than a dog bone or toy, you can buy other pet products such as thermal beds, plastic feeders, and disposable whelping boxes.

Check out petnap.co.uk for a selection of high-quality pet products.

4 – Be Silent

Pets usually dislike noises. As much as possible, they would distance themselves from the source.

If not, you can hear them bark non-stop for no reason.

So if your new pet is barking non-stop for no apparent reason, take it as a cue to be quiet.

5 – Give “Personal” Space

And know when to leave the new pet alone. Avoid watching him all the time.

Chances are, he won’t feel like doing many things if you’re always around.

Even if you mean well as you monitor him constantly, your pet can interpret it as annoying. It could make him feel pressured.

Give him a place of his own and let him be.

For example, assign a bed to him. Let him understand that it’s his own bed — and nobody should disturb him when he’s there.


Introducing a new home to your pets can be challenging. But it’s definitely doable.

Remember, pets are usually adaptive. You just need to help them get accustomed to their new environment — that, plus a bit of patience.