7 Benefits of Joining a Boxing Class

Considering boxing lessons? Only a few classes out there can provide the amazing mixture of benefits you can get by joining a boxing class, such as self-confidence, fitness, people to train with and depend on, and the competitive boost to push you a little further than you’d go alone. Need more convincing? Well, by the time you finish reading these 7 reasons to take boxing lessons, you will be.

End workout boredom with various movements

Many boxing classes include a wide range of movements, from real cardio, like burpees and jumping rope, to strength training, such as planks and heaving bag punching.

The movements are switched up every few minutes so you never spend so much time doing one thing. In addition, the punching combinations themselves switch each class, allowing you to start learning how to combine different moves together.

Your mental sharpness and coordination will improve

You may start to notice that your ability to react fast and coordination will improve as you continue boxing. During a boxing lesson, you will begin by simply learning a variety of punching combinations before you work toward being able to punch and duck a fast-moving target without having to think or stumbling.

Additionally, if you opt to enter the ring for an actual match, you’ll be mentally tougher and ready to fight, having overcome the fear of getting hit.

You’ll improve your muscle speed and explosiveness

To throw meaningful punches as a boxer, you need explosive strength—i.e. you must use fast muscle movements to produce maximum force. Almost all of your kicking and punching power comes from your hips, and having a greater range of movements in the hips and the ability to produce this power is vital for any athlete—from Olympic sprinter to regular exerciser—in maintaining mobility, speed, and stability.

Your core will become stronger

While you may not end up looking like Michael Jordan after training, a boxing class can still give you a crazy core exercise. While instructors will often include ab-targeted moves throughout your session, there’ll be loads of sit-ups and planks—because the sport of boxing requires trainees to work their core to put power in their punches and achieve a lower center of gravity. With every punch, kick, and pivot, your abs will begin to tighten and work with you.

You’ll hone self-dense skills

It should not come as a surprise when the strength, reflexes, and muscle memory acquired from boxing school comes in handy when you’re in a sticky situation. It’s even more important for ladies to learn boxing so they can acquire self-defense skills that will help them in potentially dangerous situations. You never can tell when your punching skills might possibly save your life.

It’s a great way to combine your cardio workouts

Running is a drag for lots of people. If you find most types of cardio utterly monotonous and boring, a boxing lesson is certainly something to try.

Jumping rope is usually included at the start of the class so you can improve your stamina, timing, and footwork, but the sparring and heavy bag work will have you breathing equally as hard. Your whole body will generate fast, powerful, and constant movements while you focus on something else rather than simply how exhausted you feel.

You’ll feel empowered

This is the culmination of achieving everything discussed above. After learning boxing and applying the skill, you’ll develop a certain feeling. And don’t for a moment think that boxing is just a skill. It takes patience and time to learn it. But then comes the moment when you’re applying your techniques and everything clicks. For once, you will feel as agile and smooth as a cat. You will confidently walk to your ride at night and not worry about anything because you’ve got everything under control. It doesn’t matter whether you’re messing with yourself. What matters is finally feeling empowered. Feeling like a badass!

So, these are 7 amazing reasons to register for boxing classes. Look for a good class, good instructor, and get started—you’ll not regret it. While it’ll involve hard work, it’ll be fun at the same time. And very few workout plans provide the same kind of benefits in the long run.