Activities to Host at Your Next Party

You have done it again, haven’t you? For whatever reason, you felt compelled to be the one to host the upcoming party. Alright, so maybe you willfully volunteered, or orchestrated it, because it is something that you love doing. No matter if you have hosted a party before, or have never done so, it is never a bad idea to hear ideas from an outside perspective. Hopefully, no matter which side you fall on, this read will accomplish just that. Some of the following party ideas are directly dependent on how many guests are planning on attending; as some will not work very well with only a few people. But, just use proper judgment and ask yourself if you think these ideas would be a hit at your upcoming party.

Board/Card/Video Games

Come on now, what is the point of a party without some type of game? They go together about as well as having coffee in the morning. There are a plethora of options you could go with, though. Firstly, you could stick with a traditional deck of regulation playing cards. If you do not know very many games, look on the internet as there are several. Just to name a few that are always loads of fun with several people, Euchre, Golf, Poker, and Hearts. With multiple decks, you could even set up a tournament (depending on the game you play) where all the winners face off at the end.

Another option is to dig into your closet and see what board games you have. Favorites like Monopoly, Clue, and Apples to Apples will provide entertainment for hours on end. Or, you could go shopping for new games (such as Settlers of Catan, Risk, Pictionary, etc). Finally, you could choose to host a video game tournament. This does not necessarily mean you must play first-person shooters or role-playing games. On the contrary, there are loads of fun party games that will accommodate a situation like this. It does not matter which game you decide to play, as long as you choose at least one of them.


It is almost arbitrary to think of a social gathering that does not have some sort of music attached to it. There are different options available, such as playing music through your surround sound system, but why not get the guests in on the fun? If you set up a karaoke session, it will create an atmosphere that allows everyone to let loose and have fun. Guests do not have to have professional vocals, either, as no one is going to care (as long as their ears do not become shattered afterward).

Now, there are many ways to go about setting this up. On one hand, you could just rent a karaoke setup for the night. However, if you invest in all the equipment then you can enjoy it anytime you would like. One of the key pieces you will need, if you do decide to go this path, is a microphone. When talking about microphones, you must realize that there are several different variants that are available; each of which have their own uniqueness. Thus, it is wise to do some proper research and the best place to do that is at


Whenever you think of a party, oftentimes you will think of constant movement and excitement. However, it is human nature to become exhausted after so long. The party will only sustain life if all the guests do so, which will not occur if they are bushed. When the time comes where this is apparent, it may be a good idea to offer a relaxing activity for everyone to enjoy. There may not be a better way to achieve this than to pop on a movie.

If this is something that all your guests agree upon, then there are a few ways you could go about deciding on a specific film. The easiest solution is to put it to a vote. Simply offer them several different movies, or genres, and gather a count on how many want each specific one. Once a winner is declared, sit back and enjoy the selected movie.

Winning Prizes

Playing games is fun and all, but an extra incentive is always a huge bonus. Yes, this does play off the gaming section. It is simple, the winners of each game that is played receive a bonus prize. Since it is not fair for you to be responsible for purchasing all the prizes yourself, inform your guests to bring something with them. It does not have to be anything extravagant, just a simple gift that rewards those victorious.

If you do decide to go with some sort of tournament, you could even combine prizes. Just ensure that no one leaves with the item that they brought; as that would be very anticlimactic. Of course, you could even have the winners get strictly money. Whatever game you are playing, have everyone ante a certain amount and make it a running total. Once the game has concluded, the winner will receive the pot (much like in Poker).

Beer Pong

Oh, yeah, you probably saw this one coming a mile away. Remember the notion that games go as well with a party as coffee does with the morning? Guess what, alcohol goes even more so with a party than games do. If a social gathering has adults of any kind that are present (even with kids), chances are alcohol is accompanying it. Some people will be just fine drinking until they puke their guts out with no rhyme or reason in doing so.

For others, they will want to spice it up and play an old-school tradition: beer pong. In all honestly, the game should not be fun in the slightest. The only reason it is played is because it gives people an excuse to binge drink. Anyway, there are two teams and several cups of beer are laid out on each side. The goal is to toss a tennis ball into one of the opposing team’s cups. If done, a member of the other team must consume the beer. Winning happens when all of one team’s cups are gone.

Nobody wants to be remembered as “that one person” who directed a pathetically boring party. It should not be too hard to entertain people, though. Not being egotistical, but the chances of doing so are greater if you decide to go with any of the aforementioned party ideas. If your party is still a dud, then you have some picky guests that will not be satisfied with anything.