Carbon Monoxide Detectors Can Protect Your Home

Carbon Monoxide, or CO can only be detected with the help of technology; since CO does not smell or taste, we cannot rely on our senses because in this case they offer no protection. The higher the CO levels and the more time people are exposed to it, the more dangerous CO poisoning gets.Carbon Monoxide DetectorsUsing carbon monoxide detectors is an extra safety measure that you can take to protect your home, considering that heaters and open flames are frequent sources of Carbon Monoxide in the house. The detectors monitor the levels of Carbon Monoxide in your home to alert you of any CO leaks that cannot otherwise be seen or smelt. These sensors work with mains power, 2 or 3 x AA batteries, or a combination of both to ensure continued protection. Most have LED displays that are backlit which allows for an easy reading even when the room is dark, and readings are usually displayed in parts per million (ppm).

What do different Carbon Monoxide detectors do?biomass-boilerBelow are some examples of CO detectors, but if you would like to find out more, take a look at this website:

First Alert CO615 Plug-In Alarm is a sensor that uses electrochemical technology to provide one of the most accurate readings out there. It draws its energy from the mains unit, but it switches automatically to batteries if there is a power outage; the device also alerts you when batteries are running out so that you can replace them in due time.

Kidde KN-COPP-B-LPM Battery-Operated Alarm runs on batteries so that power outages will not affect its functioning; for your convenience and ease of mind, a green light signals that the sensor is working. The alarm sounds when there is too much CO in your room; for instance, 400ppm anywhere from 4 to 15 minutes is a dangerous level. This small unit can easily be mounted on a wall or placed in a corner on some item of furniture.

Another example of a battery operated unit is the Floureon Battery Powered Carbon Monoxide Alarm: aside from the alarm, a red light will also go off in case of a CO leak; the display also shows the highest level of Carbon Monoxide ever recorded in the room.equipTo make sure you get the best protection, you can try the Combination Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm from Kidde, a cost-effective solution of monitoring both CO and smoke levels in your home. In case of smoke or Carbon Monoxide leaks, the alarm sounds, and the LED light goes off, but there is an additional voice alarm that lets you know whether it is smoke or CO that has risen above accepted levels; the smoke alarm can be temporarily disconnected though, if you are engaged in activities that produce smoke, like cooking. As it runs on batteries, this model is fitted with a low battery indicator.

Irrespective of the detector you have, in case the alarm does sound, you should ventilate the room, gather all other people and pets in the house, and leave; call the police and firefighters if there is a high build-up of gas.