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Instagram for Models: How to Make It Work for You

Lately, Instagram has slowly become a powerful social media platform, and it isn’t just for sharing your images to the world, but for brand development, spreading the message about causes and reaching out to new customers. Modeling

Wedding Planning for Budget Conscious Couples

Everyone has their idea of what a dream wedding would be. That idea is a bit more extravagant for some than others. These lavish dreams may be a tad over the budget for those of us that

Why Fish Are Awesome Aquatic Pets

More and more people around the globe are choosing fish as their preferred pet and they are receiving the benefits from this wise decision. Owning fish can be a good move for people of all ages, including

What makes the difference when buying a lawn mower?

Contrary to popular belief, the world of lawn mowers is vast and complex, right from choosing the right mower to its operation on the lawn. This would naturally mean buying a lawn mower is not an easy

Ideas for community groups you could set up

Often, when people move to a new town, they look for local organizations and groups to get involved in, partly in order to pursue their interests, and partly to meet people and learn about the local community

Why Melt Water Tastes Different [Guest Post]

Meltwater is the water obtained by allowing ice to come back to room temperature by keeping it out in the open. The water than melts and gets collected is called “Meltwater”. We conducted an experiment where we