DIY Projects as a Single Woman

As a single woman and a homeowner, it is necessary for me to do minor home repairs. I wouldn’t be able to build a new deck from scratch or pull up the tree stumps in my backyard, but I can do small things. One job that it seems like I am always doing is hanging pictures on the wall. I am always finding amazing pieces of wall art at yard sales and in antique stores. Each year, my three children come home with new school pictures for me to add to the wall that holds their photos from the years before. Before I finally broke down and purchased a power drill, I was clueless when it came to hanging up art work and photos.

When I moved into the apartment that I lived in before I bought my house, it was the first time I was living anywhere alone. For years and years I had my childrens’ father to hang photos and artwork in the places that I told him. When I had to do it for the first time, I didn’t own a hammer or a screwdriver. I didn’t even know what type of nails to use, so I purchased the first package that I found at the hardware store. When I realized that I didn’t have a hammer, I decided to improvise, and use a can of peas to bang the nails into the wall. This worked for the first two or three pictures that I hung, however, it stopped working. I was trying to bang the nail in, and it punctured a hole in the can, causing pea juice to leak all over my new couch. By the time I was done hanging everything in my home on the walls, I had gone through two cans of peas, a can of green beans, and a can of corn.

When I bought my new home, I remembered the problems that I had with using vegetable cans as a hammer, so I went out and finally bought one. I was unaware, however, that I would need a lot more than a hammer.

The house that I bought is a log cabin. All of the walls in the home are made of solid wood. As much as I tried, I could not bang a nail through the sturdy wood. When I could get a nail to stay in, the wall hanging was too heavy, and it actually needed a screw. I knew for a fact that I would never be strong enough to screw things into the wall with a screwdriver. I had no other choice but to purchase a power drill. I went to my local hardware store, and I went to the Drills and Drivers section. There, I found about 50 different power drills, and I had no clue which drills were good, which ones were bad, and which ones were over priced. When I realized that I was completely clueless, I found someone who worked at the hardware store to help me. They went over the benefits and downsides to many of the drills that were within my budget. Finally, I chose the drill for me. It was a cordless model with a rechargeable battery, so I wouldn’t need to worry about finding an outlet to plug it into each time I wanted to use it. I had never used a power drill before, so I was impressed that it had a Phillips and a flat head drill bit. When you weren’t using one, it stuck to the drill with a magnet, so I wouldn’t need to worry about losing my drill bits in the bottom of my overstuffed junk drawer.

When I got the drill home, I charged it, just like the man at the hardware store suggested. After it was fully charged, I tried it out with a small, lightweight wall hanging. I put the screw on the magnetic drill bit, and it went right into the wall. I didn’t need to use any strength or waste a week’s worth of dinner vegetables to get my photos up. Thanks to the man in the Drills and Drivers section of my hardware store, and the amazing rechargeable power drill that I purchased, I had all of my artwork, photographs, and wall hangings up in a little over an hour. Today, I no longer dread new items, I actually go out looking for them. My power drill also comes in quite handy at Christmas, when my children get gifts requiring batteries. In order to get to the batteries, you need to unscrew the battery door. My power drill works much better than a screwdriver.

I sing the praises of my power drill to all my friends and family members, especially those who are planning a move.