Four Golden Tips For Removing Nose Hair

Women disregard many things, but there are some they just cannot overlook in a man – nose hairs. Worst of all, nose hair is obvious at first sight, making it one of the components that make up a significant first impression. If the lady has an initial feeling that your personal hygiene is a bit below par, then she might not want to find out what else you have to offer, however great it is.

The growth of nose hair is a process controlled by male hormones. This hair performs a natural role in the respiratory process, the problem arises when the hair overgrows and protrudes out of your nose. Fortunately, removing this hair is effortless – as long as you do it the right way. You need to be aware that clipping these hairs shouldn’t be done with just about any tool. Here are simple guidelines to keep the nasal hair at proper length, without inflicting any harm to your body or health.

1. Use the Appropriate Tool

Clipping nasal hair can be a gruesome task. Luckily, special trimmers are available to make this job easy for you. The blades that are incorporated in these trimmers have special protective devices to prevent the sharp-ends from nicking your skin.

The trimmer can run on mains supply, batteries or comes manually operated depending on the brand. You get to select the trimmer depending on your needs and the specifications. You can visit to find out more information on the different types of trimmers available for you.

2. Make Sure to Trim in Front of a Well-lit Mirror

You need proper lighting so that you can see the hair protruding out of your nostrils without difficulty. Having a mirror helps you to groom the hairs successfully. Trimmer manufacturers understand the difficulty of trimming nose hair, which is why latest models on the market come with a light that points towards the direction of the blades. This helps you see the inside of your nose, enabling you to trim the hair safely.

It is imperative that the light on the trimmer is bright enough and in the right position so that it illuminates the entire nasal area without casting any shadow.

3. Don’t Venture Too Far Into the Nasal Opening

Nasal hairs represent one of your body’s primary lines of defense against pathogens like fungus, germs and spores. Additionally, these hairs add some dampness to the hair you breathe in. Therefore, you need to only clip the ends of the protruding nasal hair so that you can maintain the function of the nasal hairs. Never thrust the trimmer into your nose, because you might end up damaging the delicate nasal lining.

4. Keep the Trimmer Clean at All Times

Cleaning these tools will not only make them last long, but will also prevent germs and dirt from building up on the blades. The cleaning method varies depending on the model. Some require you to unscrew the blades while some don’t. Clean the blades in warm water and dislodge hair sticking on the blades using a piece of cotton dabbed in alcohol.

Bonus Tip

You need to read the instructions that come with the trimmer before using or cleaning it. These instructions are precise for each trimmer model.