How to Protect Your Business from Rogue Employees

There are good employees. The ones that will do anything to make sure that your business achieves its goals. And then there are the bad ones – malicious employees that will sabotage your efforts to scale your business to the next level. Of course, you don’t want to deal with the second type. Here a few tips that’ll come in handy.

Get ID Badges

You need to identify everyone who works for you. Most importantly, you should ensure that each employee reports and performs their assigned duties. In other words, you want to make everyone accountable for their time every day. Getting ID cards is a smart way to make sure your employees report to their designated workstation and get the job done. It also prevents rogue employees from moving from one section to the other especially if they’ll need to use the badge to gain access to specific areas such as the cash office.

You need, however, to design a good ID badge with the security features to keep malicious employees in check. On that note, visit Easy ID Card to read about a reputable job card maker that’ll help you with your quest to create foolproof badges. Be sure to view various templates to determine what works for your security needs.

Enter into a Contract with Your Employees

You need to put in writing that you’ve indeed employed a particular individual. That way, you’ll have documentation evidence to sue them just in case they choose to sabotage you. The idea is to show you that the person was working for you when they committed the crime. Also, don’t forget to ask for copies of their identification card or any other proof of identity. Plus, don’t destroy your worker’s file for at least six months after firing them.

Have Strong Access Policies

The primary reason most employees go rogue, is due to easy access to critical data. For instance, your workers may have access to a file of confidential documents that contains sensitive information such as account details and so on. The point is, you should ensure that important company info and data is nowhere near your employee’s access. Install a robust security system with strong passwords that no one can guess.  Also, it is good for your administrator to change passwords once in a while to keep vital information as safe as possible.

In Conclusion

The last thing that you want in your business is an employee with ill intent. A single malicious act can bring your enterprise crumbling down and cost you lots of dollars in losses. Before you even decide to hire a particular individual, ask him/her why he/she left the previous employer. Make sure that you do some background check before deciding that this is the right person to work for you.

Also, do some seasonal rotation of duties to curb dangerous behaviors. And, don’t hesitate to fire or suspend a worker involved in any wrongdoing. That way, you will fire a warning shot to others with similar intentions.