Instagram marketing options in 2018

There are a variety of different Instagram Bot websites to choose from. In 2017, it was believed that Instagress was the leading Bot favored by personal users and business accounts. However, as a result of an ongoing dispute between Instagram and automated services, this Bot was shut down. Instagram is against automated services as it believes the Bots are breaking the terms and conditions of growing accounts organically.

Many Pro-Bot users have tried to find Instagress alternatives that had similar functions. However, due to another Instagram crackdown on Bots, this resulted in more Bots being shut down.

This left many Bot users not knowing what to do and conscientious of investing in another automated service for fear of it being shut down.

How do automated Instagram services look in 2018 without Instagress?

After a chaotic year for Instagram Bots. Users are wondering how do automated Instagram services look in 2018 without Instagress? This year has already seen the launch of new automated services. However, many people are doubtful in investing in these new Bots as they want a safe and reliable Bot to use. A lot of these new Bots provide a very similar service as Instagress. Some are even easier to use. On Fred Harrington talks about the best Bots and marketing techniques to implement on Instagram in 2018.

Why use a Bot to grow your Instagram account:

A Bot is an effective way to grow your following. Compared to buying followers who are fake and thus do not engage with your account. Using an automated service will allow you to gain real people as followers. This is done through engagement and by automating your posts, like and comments on other user’s accounts. Random accounts will not be targeted, instead, the Bot will use hashtags to search for accounts that a relative to yours. The use of automated services will save a lot more time than doing these things manually. As many businesses have more than one Instagram page, that is why it is recommended to use a Bot to both manage and schedule posts on these accounts.

Some Bots have features that enable you to unfollow users that have unfollowed you first. They can also send automated messages to your existing followers.

Other programmes to safely grow your social media accounts:

Social media management programmes are another option that can grow your account. These programmes are considered safer than Bots as they are organic growth services which are managed by real people. The focus of these programs is to grow your Instagram followers organically and not through automation.

These organic growth services work within the Instagram usage rules. They may cost more than a Bot, however, they are a safer approach to growing your social media profile. Therefore they can be viewed as a low risk investment. Most of these programs can also be used on other social media platforms which will allow you to cross promote your content on other social media accounts.