Keep fit when you’re on the move

For people who like to stick to their schedules, having to go on business trips is an inconvenience in more ways than one. Disrupting a person’s exercise schedule can disrupt their mood, their focus, their sleep and turn them from a reasonable, clear-thinking individual, into a raging, hormonal idiot.

That is why better hotels have a gym for their guests to use. A good gym won’t be too different from what you are used to at your regular gym. You might appreciate the change of scenery or the chance to try out a different model of machine. That is, if you can actually get to the gym. After all, business trips are often filled with late dinners, presentations, tours and sightseeing events, so much so that when you eventually get back to your hotel, the gym is closed for the night and you have run out of energy, anyway. In that case, you need a backup plan.

If you anticipate the possibility of not being able to use the hotel’s gym due to your schedule’s commitments, make sure you allow time to make up for it. This may have to be in the morning, after you wake up and before you have breakfast, as from then on you’ll be working.

If you usually work out to music, have your favorite songs downloaded and ready to listen to on your smartphone. To pump up the volume somewhat, get yourself a Bluetooth speaker like these at, which will connect to your smartphone and go through your playlist.

Working out in a room without any gym equipment or machines means you’re going to have to be creative with what you do. Carry out your stretches and warm up as normal and then find appropriate substitutes for your regular exercises.

It may be tempting to run up and down the hotel’s stairwell but just bear in mind that if you decide to do that, you may be stopped and asked not to do it for fear of encouraging the other guests. Some people might just think you are crazy, or perhaps drunk and excited.

Instead, step up onto any kind of ledge or beam you can find in your hotel room. It’s boring, but it’s not forever.

Wall squats are a great energy burner. If you are not sure what these are, sit yourself with your back to the wall and your feet on the floor in front of you. Now, use your legs and feet to lift your torso up until your butt is level with your knees. Hold it, and repeat. If you want to make it tougher, try doing it on one leg at a time.

To make pushups more interesting, try doing them one handed. If you already do that, go back to two-handed pushups and incorporate the plank position at the end of each push up.

A rounder exercise uses burpees instead. Stand upright and bend you knees until you can touch the front of your toes without stretching your arms. At this point, switch quickly to pushup readiness. Do a push up and get back to the position you held immediately before, with your hands touching your toes and the ground. Finish off the movement with a jump and repeat.

Give your triceps a workout by holding something similar in size to a dumbbell, such as a hairdryer. Lift it directly above your head, vertically in one hand. Now let your forearm swing down behind your head towards its opposite shoulder, keeping the bicep and tricep part of your arm vertically up. Rep these as many times as you want and then repeat with the opposite arm.

There are many ways to get a workout in a room with no equipment. Just think about prisoners in their cells and how they manage to work out. Your body often provides its own gym. For example, instead of doing your sit ups in the normal way, at the end of each rep, as your elbows approach your knees, twist your torso so that each elbow alternately touches its opposite knee. This exercise not only works out your abs, but also your obliques.