The Continued Relevancy of Theaters

The box office is in the worst slump it’s experienced in decades. Barring spectacular exceptions like Get Out, film attendance generally isn’t what it once was. Would be movie-goers are waiting for the on-demand or Blu-ray release of films.

You yourself may sparingly go to the theater, preferring to wait until you can enjoy a flick from the comfort of your couch. Honestly, I can relate. Convenience is exactly that, but it doesn’t take away from what makes a theater experience was it is – atmosphere.

Despite the theater industry’s efforts to create new gimmicks to attract goers, the reasons to attend have never changed. With technology advancing they’re only getting better, but are easily forgotten. If you interested in being reminded why a night out at the still is still a great idea, keep reading.

Atmosphere is everything and it’s not the same on a couch

The movie experience has become synonymous with the term “big screen” and for good reason. It’s a major factor in sucking you into the world of the film. Having no wall, door or shelf in your peripheral as you would at home makes for less outside factors interfering with the world you’ve been brought into. Let’s not even talk about watching a film on your phone.

The audio systems are another major piece of the puzzle in absorbing you into the film’s world. Theater sound systems are a vehicle for the bass, echoes, and whispers to reach you as intended. Anything less would be shortchanging you. Unless you’re the type to rig their living room with top equipment with no expense spared, it’s impossible to replicate at home. If you live in a flat or condo, forget about it.

The final piece of atmosphere and what ties it all together is the public isolation of the setting. The doors get shut and it’s just you, your company and the others in the audience. You’re all whisked away by the sights and sounds presented to you. Being in a theater also encourages you to turn off your phone and shut yourself out of the outside world, keeping you locked in.


When films first come out, I go out of my way to avoid social media. Chances are you do too. You don’t have to worry about spoilers if you’ve seen the movie. Plan a date night and be one of the first, then, when your friend tries to ruin the ending you’ll be immune to their attempts. There’s also the added bonus of being able to join in on the early conversation.

If you’re the type to go to premiers specifically but aren’t into staying up late, times have gotten better. Movie theaters have adapted and started airing premiers on Thursday nights around 7 or 8. You get to have your cake and eat it too. You and the other hardcore fans can rock up in costume and be super fans. Then, you can head into work the next day.

What are you waiting for

Hopefully, you’re sold on the relevancy of movie theaters. If you want to take a break from reality and enjoy movies as they’re meant to be, there’s no better way to do it. While your couch may be more comfortable, some of the magic will be lost in your home. So, on your next night out in Ster-Kinekor or Nu Metro in take your friends, family or date and get out there to a theater. A true film enthusiast can enjoy movies anywhere, but the theater will always have its place.