Tips To Keep Your Property Safe

A home can be one of the most expensive assets that you will ever own in this life. The pride that comes with owning one is unmatched and that is why most people work so hard to get one. However, it is not always merry because there are burglars and looters whose sole mission is to steal your hard-earned possessions. Their frequency of striking is estimated to be every 21 seconds and this explains why you have to be armed. They do not discriminate whether it is a new home or you have lived there for years. The following are simple tips on how to play safe.

Light your compound

Home breakers love operating in the dark. A well-lit compound can scare them away as they think that someone might be watching. You may argue that power bills will be very high but it is worth to invest. You can also go a notch higher and invest in those that detect motion. Such light will turn on automatically the moment they detect some movement. You can leave the lights on even when you are away. Be quick to fix the broken lights and ensure that each fits the specific location. Those inside your house can be slightly different when compared to the outer space.

Secure your doors and windows

About 34% of burglars use the front door when they want to do their heinous acts. If you just bought your home, inspect the doors and windows to ensure that they are safe. You can have an expert come over and check them and make the necessary recommendations. There are different types of doors which make the security apparatus to differ as well. You can install sensors on your doors if you want to invest in technology. Take your time and inspect the doors and the windows manually once in a while.

Rent an external locker

You could be having some documents that mean so much to you. These are not the typical documents to keep in your home. Good storage space should be affordable and easily accessible for 24 hours a day. There should also be a high-tech security apparatus to ensure that your possessions are safe. Units such as those at Smartlock Storage also have storage insurance which ensures that you get compensation if something goes wrong. The ideal storage place should have various packages that you can choose from according to your needs.

Keep your home clean and maintained

You may be asking what cleanliness has to do with security. The overgrown shrubs in your backyard can be the perfect hiding place for people with ill intentions. Hire a professional to work on your lawn and garden and ensure that everything is in place. Ensure that you have a store when you place expensive stuff. Leaving such things outside your house can attract thieves as they only need to know when you are away. Work on the roof because some looters also use it as the entry point at times.