Top 5 Plumbing Blogs You Didn’t Know Exist

Have you always wanted to be a plumber but didn’t find the time for it or simply chose the wrong study? Well with these professional plumbing blogs you can learn everything you need to know without following a single class. How about that?

The only days I wanted to become a plumber was when I was a little kid and playing Mario Bros on my Nintendo 16 bit. I bet many kids of my age considered Mario and Luigi the heroes of our time. It’s crazy how much influence such silly game can have on your young brain and I’m sure the world has plenty of plumbers thanks to Nintendo, but if you missed out somehow. Here is your chance, so keep on reading!

Plumbing on Reddit

Although this isn’t a blog hundreds of people ask questions how to fix things so if you run into some issues you can always head there for some help. Plenty of professional plumbers to ask questions and provide pointers in the right direction.

Plumber Parts UK

Besides just writing about plumbing they upload videos on a weekly base and have a huge amount of pre-uploaded videos to browse through, guiding you in your ambition the easiest way possible. As they are running out of ideas they only upload one video a month now which is a good sign as it’s unlikely there are many topics they haven’t covered yet, making it almost like a private coaching program and it’s all free.

Ecoheat Plumbing

A professional plumbing company in the UK that updates their blog on a regular base, once again a great source of information to make your dream reality. They are located in London so if you have a problem you really can’t fix yourself you can always invite them to come to help you out and take a look over their shoulder to learn the nitty-gritty of fixing things. Click here to see it for yourself:

Google News

If you are still not certain that you want to become a plumber you might want to follow the news a bit to see what this job really entails. It’s definitely not limited to fixing toilets and work under the sink so if you thought that’s all there is to it I highly suggest you start looking what’s happening all around you to get an idea of the full scope of the actual work involved.

Screwfix Plumbing Tools

To become a plumber you need the right tools and that’s what this blog is all about with live demonstrations of the latest products and how to use them. Somehow they never run out of products to promote as they post about four times a week on Youtube so I suggest you subscribe to their channel to stay up to date with the latest plumbing news!