Ways a Template Helps You Design a Mobile Website

It is becoming increasingly popular for smartphone owners to browse websites using their phones as compared to using desktops. This trend has been growing since 2009, with 8 out of 10 people using their smartphones to access various web content. This is a wake-up call especially for businesses seeking a share of the online market pie. It is, therefore, a requirement that businesses make sure their sites are mobile friendly.

Having a mobile responsive website is not only essential for increased traffic but because search engines also favor mobile-friendly websites when ranking your site. There are various ways you can create your mobile website, but using a web template is one of the easiest and fastest ways. You can get more info on Weebly templates at WebFireThemes. While at it, let us look at the different ways a template can help you design a great mobile business website.

It Is Easy to Design For Different Screen Sizes

By now you are aware that many smartphones exist, with new ones coming up on a daily basis. One of the distinguishing factors for many phones is the screen size. At one end we have the Blackberry devices that have a screen size measuring 160×160, and at the other end of the mobile screen size spectrum, we have tablets that have screen sizes measuring 2048×1536. These two variations provide a challenge not only in screen sizes but also the screen ratio as well. You need to ensure that the content of your mobile website fits on all screen sizes without losing clarity and meaning. How can you achieve this?

Designing a mobile website from scratch that will be compatible with all these devices is entirely possible, but it takes time and complex coding. Picking the right template allows you to bypass the coding part, giving you all the relevant code for all screen variations at the right place. The template also handles switching between portrait and landscape modes.

You Customize the Design to Your Liking

One of the worst perceptions is that using a template restricts you to a few website designs. The good news is that the template is easy to customize to the needs of your business. With the technical part of the design already taken care of, what remains is for you to tailor this mobile website to your needs.

Whether you want a unique look to your mobile website, or you want to harmonize the design of your regular site and the mobile version, it is easy. All you have to do is to customize the layout, navigation, background, color scheme and you are ready to go.

Optimizing the Layout is Quick and Fast

Optimizing the content for smaller devices is a tough task. There are various elements that shouldn’t be displayed on a mobile website, for instance, the navigation menus you use on the regular website shouldn’t be the same menus you use on the mobile device considering space limitations. Without optimization, a lot of your content will be hidden from the visitors. And there is nothing as bad as having great content only to hide it from view.

This is where a professionally-designed website template comes in hand. All you need is to come up with necessary content then leave the rest to the template to make the content visible to your visitors in a professional way. The code also delivers the content in a stylish layout that you can easily edit.

Another way to optimize the website is to reduce the loading times. Since the overall feel and design of the website ought to remain minimalistic, the pages don’t take ages to load. This is one of the issues that make most people resort to mobile browsing. It is also something that your visitors will appreciate.

The Bottomline

If you have ever desired to get a mobile website up and running in no time at all, a website template is the way to go. This template comes with a wide variety of themes that you can choose from. You don’t have to know coding or have other technical skills to be able to come up with the best site for your business because the coding part is done on your behalf. All you need is to customize the layout, load content and upload your website.