What makes the difference when buying a lawn mower?

Contrary to popular belief, the world of lawn mowers is vast and complex, right from choosing the right mower to its operation on the lawn. This would naturally mean buying a lawn mower is not an easy walk in the park. There are several factors that go into buying the right lawn mower with price, quality of parts, and engine size being the main determinants. Equally important accordign to Lawn Mower Lane is the intended use for the mower. For a small lawn, going for a smaller, cheaper to push mower would be the best option, but the same cannot be said for a large property.  In most cases, this would call for a larger, riding mower to increase efficiency and speed.

Making a distinction

So what makes the whole difference when making a purchase? Whether one is looking to buy the simplest push mover or the high end riding mower, it would still mean spending a significant amount. As much as it may seem that there is little variation other than price, nothing could be further from the truth. Sometimes, buyers find themselves at crossroads trying to figure out the brand with the best features. With several popular brands like Weedeater, Husqvarna, FYmo, Bluebird, Klippo, Dixon and McCulloch at their disposal, buyers get even more confused. However, looking at all these brands, one thing is for sure, and that is the fact that the only difference in these brands may be the name and color. In such a case, choices would only be based on personal differences.

Beyond loyalty and personal preferences however, there may be striking differences when it comes to durability, craftsmanship and parts. Lawn mower manufacturers are known to focus their efforts on two distinct groups of users; the landscaper and the homeowner. Within these groups however, there is still notable emergence of multiple choices based on the determined prices points.

Determining price points

To get their machines to align with these determined price points, manufacturers tend to control costs based on engine brands, quality of parts, horsepower and construction. Engine brands tend to have an impact on the final price, whether it is Briggs & Stratton, Honda, Kawasaki or any other brand. There has been evidence that certain engines have the better track record, reputation and dependable quality components. The real price difference however will be notable from the machine’s horsepower which is controlled by the needs and budget of the owner
Generally, homeowners spend less than the landscapers based on the type for mowers they go for. Since the needs of a homeowner are less regarding what the mower can do, they opt for smaller engines which have their prices reduced. On the other hand, commercial mowers would need powerful engines that would withstand heavy use daily. It would however be noted that the quality of the mower itself would also determine its price. Riding mowers for instance may have welded parts or those from a single stamped piece of steel. Lower end mower models are mostly made from the stamped decks which are cheaper and easier to manufacture while the high-end mower decks use welded joints for a loner lasting power and durability.


The other factor that would determine the price of a lawn mower is its various accessories. The accessories included in a mower depend on the specific purpose of the same. A bagger or a grass collection system for example will be more expensive compared to a mulching system. Other whistles and bells on the machine may be useful as it is luxurious, but these must be considered when analyzing the needs and the cost of the mower.
It is only natural that a well-maintained mower provides many years of use as long as it is used for its intended purpose. A mower used once a week cannot be compared with that used every day. This brings about the sense of buying a lawn mower with a clear understanding of how it would be put to use.
Homeowners and landscapers therefore have the responsibility to make the right decision regarding what to buy for their lawns. With these factors affecting the prices, it would not only be enough to assume that a higher price means quality or vice versa. Understand its specific needs and go for a mower that does the right job on the lawn.