What To Look For in a Pet-Sitter

Being a loving pet owner can make travel difficult. It can take your focus away from work or make what should be a relaxing getaway much less so. There are various ways to ensure your pet is taken care of, but if you want to know without a doubt that your pet is being looked after, a reputable and professional pet sitters are always an excellent choice.

A top-notch pet sitter is capable of much more than just feeding your pet while you’re away from home. They provide companionship for your pet, walk them for exercise or provide play time and understand animal behavior so if your pet needs veterinary attention they have you covered. Additionally, a pet sitters presence in your home is a deterrent to would-be criminals as they look for unmoved mail, unchanged lights, and a generally vacant appearance.

If you’re to find a quality pet sitter, be sure to do your due diligence. If you’re in Stoke on Trent there’s an easy pick, but the rest of us may need to do a little digging. There are qualifications beyond a love of animals and the information below will help you in determining the best pet sitter for your pet and yourself.

What your pet gets out of the deal

The first benefit for them is that their environment doesn’t have to change. While this may not be an issue for adults, animals can become anxious when in an environment they don’t recognize. Less social animals may not handle being placed in a daycare or even in another house with other pets. An in-house pet sitter means your pet won’t have to leave where it feels most safe and secure.

You may not be aware, but when your pet isn’t seeking attention he or she is making their daily rounds, usually on a schedule. A professional sitter understands that your pet has a routine and diet that it’s accustomed to. Your pet can keep its normal feeding schedule and you can rest easy knowing the water will be replaced and the litter box cleaned on time.

Your pet loves you more than anyone else, but will still need attention while you’re gone. Pets can suffer from separation anxiety, so the care and companionship of a pet sitter go a long way toward helping them in your absence. The attention a pet sitter provides is invaluable to the emotional health of your pet.

What to look for in a sitter

When looking for a pet sitter be sure to check for qualifications and services. Interview them to see if they’re a good fit for you and your pet. Request they provide a written proof of commercial liability insurance. Ask what type of training they’ve received, if they keep records on your pet and his or her preferences, medical conditions, medications etc., what veterinarian they’re associated with in case of emergency and what the protocol is if the sitter themselves falls ill.

Additionally, knowing if they provide services such as walking, grooming, training and play time go a long way. Requesting a written service contract with all services and fees is never a bad idea. Finally, get an understanding of the times they will be with your pet and if it’s detailed on the contract. Once you’re sure that you can trust the pet sitter as an individual and have an understanding of their ethics as a professional, entrusting your pet to them won’t be such a leap of faith.