Why Melt Water Tastes Different [Guest Post]

Meltwater is the water obtained by allowing ice to come back to room temperature by keeping it out in the open. The water than melts and gets collected is called “Meltwater”. We conducted an experiment where we compared the taste of meltwater to that of ordinary water at room temperature. The tastes were markedly different. There can be many reasons for this, let us explore them all –

Gases Present In Water Change Its Taste – When we pour the water into the ice tray and keep it in the freezer, it begins to change its state from liquid to solid. There are many gases present in water in our house. When the temperature is lowered and pressure is exerted on this water the water begins to freeze.

Now, there are certain gases in our house’s water that have nowhere to be. So, instead, they turn into little bubble inside the water. When we bring the ice out of the freezer and allow it to melt, these gases don’t dissipate so easily. Instead, the taste of the water is changed and when we drink it, there is something odd about it. This is the reason why the weird taste is not noticed when we boil the water.

Certain Impurities In The Water Affect The Taste of Ice – If we live in a region where the water is generally hard, there would be a lot of metals and impurities in it. These impurities include calcium carbonate, chlorine, and other things.

Often, we notice flecks of green, yellow or even black in our ice because of these impurities. If we don’t purchase a special filter aimed at filtering hard water, these impurities would not be removed. Because of the chemical reactions occurring in the water because of these impurities, the taste seems metallic when we drink the meltwater.

Other Reasons – There are some other simple reasons of why meltwater might taste bad. It could be because we are using tap water for making ice, our water is too old and stale, and the ice maker of our fridge is faulty.

The last option is a common one because ice-makers are known to cause weird tasting meltwater. This simple problem can be rectified when we refer to the manual of the refrigerator’s ice maker, call a professional and get the appliance repaired.

An interesting thing to note is that when we left the meltwater to stay at room temperature for some time more, the odd taste vanished and it tasted exactly like room temperature water.

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